Want to Buy a Home, But Have a Low Credit Score?

Rock the Score Can Help!

If you have been renting for 24 months or longer, and have been making your payments on time, why not get credit for it?

With ROCK THE SCORE, now you can! We can count those on time payments toward your credit score.

Once you become a member, ROCK THE SCORE will verify your on time payments with your landlord, and then report those payments to the credit reporting companies.

Boom! Your score goes up, and you are on your way to qualifying for a home loan!

We've seen increases of 30-50 points in a very short time.*

You've got nothing to lose, except the future! So head on over to the site by clicking the FIND OUT MORE button on the right.

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*While 30-50 point jumps in credit score are average, they are not guaranteed. ROCK THE SCORE will do everything it can to get your score raised, but cannot promise that it will go up dramatically. See the website for more details below.

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